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Murals for Kitchen Nightmares

This season I had the pleasure of creating murals for the craziest reality television makeover show- Kitchen Nightmares!!!  There is nothing else like working overnight on a show of this variety.  The clock is ticking from the minute you get the call.... until the last brush stroke on the wall- and you always wish you had just 5 more minutes.  But that is also what makes it such a blast!  The art department was so talented, fun and fast.  Here are some shots of the walls I designed & painted over the course of about 12 hours.
Probably about 2 in the morning...

And a few hours later, with some lovely assistance on wall #2! 

Cut to the big reveal: Owners get their first look at their new restaurant design

Chef Ramsay dubbed the walls "Amazing Pop Art. Quirky, colorful and cool" on air.  Well, I'm smitten.  Wall #1:

Wall #2:

and more wall #2:

One of the sweeping shots of the finished walls
at the end of the show.

The full double episode of Kitchen Nightmares (season 6 episodes 7&8- "Zayna Flaming Grill") can be viewed on Fox's website:

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