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Human Operated Vending Machine

I was contacted by one of a pair of twin brothers, who happen to be magicians that run a company called Art of Play which sells collectible playing cards.  They were looking for me to paint a box to loosely look like a retro vending machine.  ASAP.  You don't get a call like that every day.  


So, they built this cardboard box "vending machine" that they were going to take to the Magic Live convention in Vegas and sell cards from.  A guy was going to be inside it, taking money and dispensing decks of cards. And they wanted their lovely box to be hand painted.  Once we got down to scheduling, it turned out I only had an 8 hour block of time to do it in.  Three sides of a 6 ft. tall box, to design & paint on site.  So, this is what happened.....

This picture was taken before all the $$ slots were cut into it, but hopefully you get the idea.  Put the $ in for one of the 12 different varieties of decks, get that deck (in a semi-automated secret-human-inside-the-box kind of way).  Pretty rad!

Some 50's inspired fonts, as well as a little circus inspiration. 

I am so thankful these fellas brought such an imaginative project to me and I love that the finished product went on to live a life of it's own after I was done with it.  Made by humans for humans.  Totally human powered, man.  Only in Hollywood.

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