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Sign Painting in progress

In light of my excitement over the new Sign Painter movie trailer, I thought I would share some progress shots from my latest signs. Lately I have found myself painting identical signs in multiples of 2's or 4's like this Coffee Grinder sign, which will be mounted double sided perpendicular to a wall.  Others may find the idea of this tedious, but I really enjoy it. It seems to provide just enough to challenge my eye & hand while allowing me to really bliss out on podcast listening/mind expansion. 

Day 2 on project: lettering & flourishes! I am pretty sure I don't use any of the "correct" brushes that the traditional sign painters use, but I always get from point A to point B just fine. I keep telling myself I will learn the correct (read: easy, efficient, smart) way to do it... one day... yes, one day.

Work in progress: An edition of ten (4 ft. wide) signs, the largest edition of identical hand painted signs for me to date! It takes me back to my many late nights of screen printing that I powered through wildly caffeinated when I was in school. I love being surrounded by patterns.  There is something about creating this repetition that is exhilarating to me. "Mass production" on a human scale with human imperfections. The notion of using the body as a machine, much like an athlete.

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